Tieshena and I met not long ago through a mutual friend. What I particularly love about Tieshena is that she is so full of knowledge that it bubbles over. She’s direct and never leaves you wondering what she meant.

She’s so business savvy that she’ll have you correcting your posture and giving yourself a brief once over. Though business-oriented, Tieshena is so very cool and is a great person to both work with and kick it with.

Looking to publish? Ready to take your business to the next level? Check her out. I’m trying to tell you…

Tieshena: #GenYBG's Business Consultant and Publisher


How old are you?


When did you know that you wanted to work for yourself? 

When I got tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of leaving my peaceful home to travel and be subjected to pricks and office politics. I was tired of investing 12 hours a days into someone else’s entrepreneurial endeavor, and not my own. I was tired of my unique gifts being unrecognized, while my unmatched skills were undervalued. I was tired of not doing what I wanted to do, when and how I wanted to do it. Then finally, I became tired of fighting with my conscience as it was trying to push me beyond my comfort zone and into what it was created to do.

What do you do and how long have you been in business?

I’m a Publisher and Business Consultant, specializing in Organizational Management and Marketing. I’ve been in business for 2 years.

Describe your ideal client.

My dream client has clarity about their goals, but need assistance with bridging the gap between inception and execution.

Did you ever think to give up? 

Yes, I wanted to give up plenty of times.

What caused that to happen?

The first time I didn’t make any money in an entire month crushed my spirit. At the moment, I felt defeated and became discouraged.

What motivated you to keep going?

My daughter motivated me to keep going, because she became my little sponge and questioned everything that I was doing on the computer (lol). After having a deep conversation with myself, I realized that if she see’s me giving up, I’m setting the worst example for her and everything that I had taught her thus far about dealing with challenges in life.



What advice would you lend an aspiring entrepreneur?

I have two pieces of advice for those wanting to be an entrepreneur:

1) Choose a specialization that you absolutely love, so that you’ll remain interested in learning new things to help you evolve in your industry.

2) Find a gap in your industry and fill it with your unique skills and delivery process.

These two things will position you to dominate your niche and put you on the fast track to accelerate your business growth.

Learn more about Tieshena and her consultation services online at ThriveWithTie.com and on Facebook.


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