You start feeling like you’re alone out here. Not physically. There’s plenty of people around you, probably living with you too. You feel alone in your spirit. As if God, Source, the Universe just threw you the deuces and left you to figure this shit out for yourself. As a result, you feel confused about damn near everything, overwhelmed, and sad. 


Intuition is that gut feeling, that instinct that speaks from your gut to tell you that all is well. Something told you to take a different highway this morning. Something told you to hug that woman yesterday. To go back and check one more time. To say no. To say yes. To ask. Let it go. Or hold on tighter.


Sometimes your intuition is sharp as a whistle. Other times, it’s silent as a carcass. Here are three reasons, according to my experience, why that happens:

1. You moving too fast

Your to-do list is jammed pack. But that ain’t the problem. The problem is that you’re not making space in between your tasks. Slow down. Plan for moments to pause, when you can. On my ridiculously busy days, I take five minutes in between each task to breathe from my belly or pray or people watch. Here’s the kicker though: We can actually busy ourselves with “being spiritual.” Goddess gatherings, tarot readings, release rituals, affirmations…they’re all great. Really. But sometimes we need to do nothing. Don’t try to rush out of how you feel. Feel it. And allow your intuition to speak through the discomfort. 

2. Ain’t no communication

Inside of our heads, thoughts stack on top of one another. They can quickly clutter your mind. Especially in cases where you’re making a decision, put it on paper or speak it aloud. Just get it out of your head. Spirit doesn’t involve itself with mental chatter. It’s not its responsibility. The mind collects; that’s its job. The spirit, however, connects. Communication involves speaking and listening. You have to speak and listen, which goes back to slowing down and making space. And be honest, even if that means starting your prayer with, “I feel abandoned by you.”

3. She’s told you once already

In place of saying my lower self and higher self, I’ve begun referring to them as my questioning self and my knowing self. My knowing self, as you may have guessed, is Spirit/God/Intuition. The way Spirit communicates with me may be completely different than the way She shows up for you. My intuition, I’ve learned, ain’t with the shits. She’ll tell me once or twice, maybe even three times, but that’s it. I can either keep jogging in my miserable circle or take that next leap, which is sometimes huge, sometimes small, sometimes exciting, sometimes intimidating (sometimes both). 


4. You need a reset

A Sunday to do nothing. A day to deep clean. Seven days without social media. 21 days raw vegan. Going celibate for a month. Learning a new skill. Moving to another city. Sometimes the reset is huge, sometimes small, sometimes exciting, sometimes intimidating (sometimes both). 


  1. Mari

    I like resets! Sometimes I don’t wait for Sunday. Dealing with my grandmother who has Alzheimers causes me to have to reset more than once a week. But I am slowly seeing the benefits of slowing down as well. Great share.

    • Trelani

      Yes, slowing down as helped me BEAUCOUP! I have a tendency to drive fast when I ain’t even in a rush. Small things like that. Taking my time showering and oiling down. I used to say I couldn’t wait to get old and that came down to wanting to be able to take my time with everything. Holding space for as many woo-sahs that you may need throughout the days and weeks while caring for grandmama. A friend of mine is recording stories/experiences of caretakers, if you’re interested. Email me, if you want me to link you up with her:

  2. Ashley Butler

    All I have to say is this is an awesome article and you shared your wisdom in a perfect time for me.

    All that you’ve said was received, resonated and registered. I’ll make use of your suggestions.

    Thank you.

  3. Akilah

    Yes indeed. I’m glad you put this here for us to feed on; thank you. If people’s intuitions got together, support-group style, or even formed a gang, I think their first order of business would be to ride on some crystals, yoni eggs, prayer beads, etc. And by ride, I don’t mean like riding a horse, I mean like ridin’ past where they stay with some heat and making that “Boyz n the hood” type statement. Why? ‘Cause dem thangs can be so noisy AF for folks, and can get smack in the middle of the path that intuition has already cultivated. I try to imagine that often; my intuition planning to ride in defense of what she/they want to much to protect–our Old Knowings, and clear access to that path. I loved all of your suggestions; many of them have served me well. Keep on.

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