when the pressure is on

When the pressure is on to create something they’ll love

Organized Noize produced almost everything hip-hop coming out of Atlanta in the ’90s. They did a lot of work for Outkast, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, Ludacris, and produced TLC’s “Waterfalls” (thinking of that song makes me want to do the butterfly). … Read More

Smudging for writer's block

Smudging to clear writer’s block

WTF is smudging?  It’s another one of those things that we’re just getting hipped to that our ancestors, particularly Native American, have been doing since forever. It’s a bundle of dried herbs that you burn to clear out negative energies, bad … Read More


How to properly summon your writing gauge

Yesterday, I posted about wanting to finish your book, but not feeling like writing. I explained the concept of the writing gauge and how it works. Since then, I’ve been asked how to know what number you’re at. Great question! … Read More

common creativity killers

Custom rituals for common creativity killers

Though we have similar experiences, we handle them differently. Once aware of these common creativity killers, join me in releasing them through custom rituals. 1. Constipation The most obvious reason is that you’re uncomfortable, and it’s important to be comfortable … Read More

first draft stamp

How perfectionists ruin the first draft

By making the process unnecessarily difficult. The “working under pressure” strategy that worked in high school and undergrad don’t work with the book writing process. Perfectionism murders first drafts, which are actually designed to be full of feel good. This … Read More