During low-energy cycles when you'd rather rest, but need to work

10 ways to more peacefully work through low-energy cycles

I’m referring to the times when you aren’t exactly bursting with energy and standing on the mountaintop with plans of taking over the world. You’re moving a bit slower and might feel a bit more fuzzy-minded and less ambitious. Doesn’t … Read More

Smudging for writer's block

Smudging to clear writer’s block

WTF is smudging?  It’s another one of those things that we’re just getting hipped to that our ancestors, particularly Native American, have been doing since forever. It’s a bundle of dried herbs that you burn to clear out negative energies, bad … Read More


How to properly summon your writing gauge

Yesterday, I posted about wanting to finish your book, but not feeling like writing. I explained the concept of the writing gauge and how it works. Since then, I’ve been asked how to know what number you’re at. Great question! … Read More

writing through the retrograde

Writing through the retrograde

If you feel like it, that is. In a super brief summary, a retrograde happens when Mercury catches up with Earth and gives the illusion that it’s spinning backwards. When this happens, coincidentally (or not), we tend to feel thrown off. … Read More

2014 in review

Five biggest lessons of 2014

Maybe it’s just the right now talking, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget this year. So many delicious and distasteful experiences. Yet, I feel, along with nearly everyone else I know, that 2015 is going to be major.  One … Read More