switched up the format

I’ve already found the morning routine that works best for me. After waking, I handle all the hygiene stuff, get to my body movement (this morning that meant yoga), fix some caffeinated tea, and then begin making my to-do list for the day.

As stated a million times before, I’ve formatted my flow around the 70-30 approach. Because it works so awesomely well, I’ll say it again. Basically how it works is that you create your to-do list based on how you want to feel that day. Today, I wanted to feel warm from the inside out, assured, grounded, and rich. Included on my list were things like:

  • three yoga sessions followed by silent meditations (morning, afternoon, and evening)
  • keeping the fireplace lit (while home, of course)
  • cleaning my home
  • donating $20 to Savannah Youth City, Inc.
  • getting ahead in my coursework
  • treating myself to a deep tissue massage
  • smudging my home
  • preparing dinner
  • writing until my wrist gives out

This required waking up about two hours earlier this morning. Today, however, more than sleeping in, I wanted to feel all of these things, so I didn’t see it at all as sacrificing. More like improvising. That was the first way in which I switched up the format.

I also rearranged where I put what. Usually, I knock out my 30%, then get on to my 70%. Today, without even intending to, just simply going with my flow, I’m doing it the other way around, while also infusing some of that feel good in between the other stuff. Glance back at what I’ve included on my to-do list, paying attention to its order this time.

Yesterday, I posted about the full moon and the rituals that I indulged in to both celebrate where I am and to move closer to manifesting. Later, I learned (from an actual astronaut, @Cosmonaut) that what’s special about last night’s astrology is that we had a Leo moon with an Aquarius sun sign. And because anything too math/scientific related causes me to mentally leave the building, I’ll keep it simple. Leo accentuates coming into your being/power while the Aquarius illuminates your ability to harmonize within your environments. 

Write the word HARMONY. Just like that, in all caps. Underline it. Circle it. Tear it off the page. Put it in your bra (or pocket). Now proceed with your day.

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