Between Words and Water | May 2017

I reserved a weekend at a beach house on the coast of South Carolina.  

And you’re invited…

Between Words and Water is a gumbo of all the amazing retreats, conferences, and workshops that I’ve attended over the years. The all-inclusive Spiritual Writing Retreat will help you deepen your relationship with writing and Spirit using intimate and intuitive techniques and tools. This space is customized to provide the time, support, and perfect setting for writers of all levels to ditch writer’s block and reclaim writer’s flow.

Honoring Sisterhood

The transformative power of women coming together under shared goals and visions is nothing short of amazing. The connections I’ve made at the many retreats and conferences I’ve attended over the years confirmed the feeling that I was right where I supposed to be. Do you crave that? Are you seeking a space where the commitment to stellar storytelling is both the focus and part of the spiritual foundation? Click here to reserve your space.

The pillars are compassion, confidentiality, radical truth-telling, and accountability. Fully and deeply explore and express yourself without shame or judgment.

“Where two of three women are gathered, I’m right there with them.” -Spirit

honoring sisterhood

Without Sacrificing Solitude

Our everyday agendas can sometime have us feeling like we’re constantly being pulled and pushed with more giving than getting. Between Words and Water is an opportunity to get away from the chores and expectations, and into an environment where you have all the space and time you need to unwind and re-center. Whether you’re on the lake, on the patio, in the living room, or in your bedroom, you’ll have plenty of places to relax in peace.

“Some days ain’t meant to be worked nor planned. Some days I need to take the wheel, and for that, I need you silent and still.” –Spirit


In the Name of Support

If you are a beginner or have been writing for years, this retreat will help you improve no matter what stage you are in by including:

  • Two Soundboard Sessions, giving you an opportunity to share what you’ve written for a circle of feedback
  • An individual consultation with me, your Spiritual Writing Coach, for personalized guidance

“Wisdom ain’t always knowing; sometimes it’s listening.” -Spirit

in the name of support

Your Retreat Includes


Simple, clean and comfortable accommodations are part of your all-inclusive retreat. You have a choice of either shared, private or full-private accommodations depending on your preference.

Soul Food

Enjoy a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals for lunch and dinner prepared by our in-house chef. We’ll also have a cooking demonstration and send you home with a recipe for every meal. A simple breakfast is also included.

Private Writing Coaching

For personal, custom guidance to meet you where you are in your writing project, help you juice your time at the retreat, and go back home still brimming with inspiration.

Soundboard Sessions

Share what you’re working on with the group for solid feedback. There will be two soundboard sessions, so you’ll have a chance to get feedback on your new direction as well.

Guided Yoga + Meditation

To keep your creative mojo on 10, guided yoga + meditation are provided each morning and evening. The combined practices support increasing inner peace, concentration, and calmness while also detoxifying the mind, body and soul.

Unlimited Beach Access

The beach is only a five-minute walk from the house and you’re welcome to take full advantage of the restorative powers of Mami Wata.

Join us May 12th thru May 14th!
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FAQ about the Spiritual Writing Retreat

Payment Plans

Yes. A non-refundable $200 deposit is required for standard shared rooms. For half-private and full-private single rooms, a $250 non-refundable deposit is due. Remaining balances are due on or before Friday, April 28th. Please note that a $25 admin fee is added to payment plans.

Are only women allowed?

Yep. I’m actually calling the space Womanhouse.

How many women will be there?

A total of nine.

I’m flying in. Will I have transportation to and from the airport?


Am I required to attend the soundboard sessions?

Nope. You’re free to do whatever your soul asks of you. Although we do recommend attending at least one to get the most out of your experience.

Am I required to show my work? And if I do, is confidentiality guaranteed?

You’re not required to show your work, but if you want feedback, then I do recommend sending me what you have at least 72 hours before the retreat so I can print it out for everyone. You can still get feedback without sharing your work, however. And everyone will sign a nondisclosure agreement onsite.

Are any individual coaching sessions with you possible?

Absolutely. It’s included in your fee.

Is the retreat just for professional writers?

It’s for writers of all levels. For those who haven’t even started their book, those who are already in the thick of it, and those who are already published authors.

Reserve Your Space

  • Shared accommodations
  • Shared bathroom
  • Private writing coaching
  • Soundboard Sessions
  • Yoga + Meditation Sessions
  • Meals + Cooking Demonstration
  • One (1) add-on
  • 3 days/ 2 nights
  • Private accommodations
  • Shared bathroom
  • Private writing coaching
  • Soundboard Sessions
  • Yoga + Meditation Sessions
  • Meals + Cooking Demonstration
  • One (1) Add-On
  • 3 days/ 2 nights
Full Private
  • Private accommodations
  • Private bathroom
  • Private writing coaching
  • Soundboard Sessions
  • Yoga + Meditation Sessions
  • Meals + Cooking Demonstration
  • One (1) Add-On
  • 3 days/ 2 nights


Between Words and Water has been one of the best events I've ever attended. Going in, I knew it would be an amazing experience, but I didn't realize how transformational it would be. Thank you, Trelani, for moving forward with your vision.
AnonymousBWW 2016 attendee
Wow! I was blown away by this event. I came prepared to serve the ladies nutritious goodness while they were focused on writing. I was not prepared for the out pour of love and support I received. I instantly felt like part of the family. This was a writing retreat but it felt very much like a HEALING retreat. Chef Key and Love's kitchen will gladly be at your service for any future events. Thank you for the NEW reference point!
Chef KeyBWW 2016 attendee
It was everything I needed. I had the opportunity to meet new sisters and connect with my tribe. It was an amazing experience and I'm definitely looking forward to the next.
Cheyanne WilliamsBWW 2016 attendee
Inspiration is an understatement. Between words and water writing retreat was a slice of life. Trelani is not only a phenomenal writer, she is an awesome business woman. Very easy to work with from start to finish. Outside of that, she is a tremendous leader. One who is gracious in her leadership. At the retreat she gave direction and space to create. She is personable and inclusive. The entire experience was beyond my expectations and I look forward to many more connections between us.
Frankie FlorestalBWW 2016 Attendee