My Books

I write to share what I’ve been through, as well as those around me. To free imagination. To figure life out. To reclaim truth. To free us!

Time Out to Tune In3

Time Out to Tune In

She wants her readers to not only read her, but to hear and feel her through unfiltered, liberating, and spiritual storytelling.


Women Who Ain’t Afraid to Curse When Communicating With God

Let’s go on a journey within. A place where judgment, denial and self-deception are replaced with truth, compassion, and a reconnection to the expression of your authentic truth.

Purple Petals

Purple Petals

Light a candle and find your favorite pen because this is your time


What the Devil Meant for Bad

Raised by her bitter-hearted, sharp-tongued Aunt Pam, she’s never really questioned anything out of fear of causing unnecessary tension. Until now.


Getting Across

Once a thick-headed, fast-tailed, big-city dreaming teenager, Louisa moved to New Orleans where she clawed her way to her position as a millionaire madam.