How do I determine which service I need?

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We’ll briefly discuss your ideas and your challenges, and from there I’ll recommend which service would be suit your needs. 

What’s the difference between the Strategy Session and the 30-minute Consultation?

For the Fundamental Strategy Session, send me whatever progress/notes you have already. During our 90-minute phone call, we’ll create your map by breaking your idea down into small steps with milestones and due-by dates to make sure the book is printed and in your hands by the time you want it released. 

Two to four weeks after the strategy session, we’ll have a follow-up call to determine if you need to change directions or stay the course based on how you’re flowing. The investment for this service is $90. Click here to get schedule your session.
For the 30-minute Consultation, you tell me your needs and I’ll tell you which service would work best for you. There’s no fee. Click here to get started.
Do you edit?

We offer comprehensive editing at a rate of $4 per page (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font). For more information, click here.

Payment plan on services?

Yes, payment plans are available for all services that cost at least $250. Note: A $25 admin fee is added to each payment unless the total balance is paid at once. 

Do you travel for workshops?

Yes! Tell me where to be, how many people will be there, which topics you’d like to cover, and we’ll go from there. For more information, email me: Trelani@SoFundamental.com. 

Can I hire you for my event?

Yes, I’m available for summits, conferences, workshops, retreats, etc. For more information, email me: Trelani@SoFundamental.com. 

Do you ghostwrite?

Yes! Call-to-Copy℠ is my signature program that makes the ghostwriting process really simple and effective. We schedule three to four phone calls. Each call is recorded. I go back and transcribe it, clean it up, and move things around to make it an easy read. 

What about rights and royalties?

As a self-published author, I know the value of ownership. Your rights and your royalties are 100% yours. If you wanted to shout me out though, please do!

What’s your contact information?

 Email is my preferred contact method: Trelani@SoFundamental.com
 Office phone: (912) 349-9639
 For scheduled calls dial: (651) 715-3580 (access code: 958188#)
 Snail mail address is: P.O. BOX 22171 Savannah, GA 31403

What’s your privacy policy?

Click here to download and read it. 

Are you a publishing company? Do you publish others’ books?

No. I can support you through the self-publishing process, however.