There’s a book inside of you that you’ve been carrying for a while now, and you’re ready to deliver. The essence of the story? You got that! You know exactly what you want to convey, who it’s for, and what you want your readers to get out of the experience.

And though you may be damn good at verbally expressing those words of wisdom, getting them down on paper isn’t as easy.

Let me help you.

You can still become an author, and you don’t need a ghostwriter to do it for you! What’s so ridiculously awesome about Call-to-Copy is that your readers will still hear your voice when they read your book. That’s because I record our phone conversations, transcribe them, and use your spoken word to create a manuscript.


I believe so strongly in the power of personal narratives–your unique perspective of what you’ve been through and how you light the path for others to go through–that I know it.


Storytelling is ancient art form. People have been recording their testimonies since the beginning of time, and you can use your story to expand your profits, your platforms, and your purpose. And if you’re better at speaking your message than writing it, then Call-to-Copy was created for you. You have an idea. I have a strategy. Let’s write a book!

The Process…

  • Initial consultation: What’s your motivation for writing the book? Why are you the best person to tell this story? If you have a title, or a working title, then I’ll get that too, along with any other information that you may have.
  • First phone call (90 minutes): Think of this stage as a guided brain dump. Whereas the initial consultation created the skeleton, the first call begins to put some muscle on the bone. Afterwards, I’ll send you the draft to add to it and make notes for our next call.
  • Second call (60 minutes): We’re building on what we’ve already established by adding more content. Restructuring also takes place here. If you think that chapter three should go before chapter two and so on, this is the stage where we make that happen.
  • Third call (60 minutes): I’ve taken note of what information is missing, where we need smoother transitions, what details need be clarified, etc. You’ll provide that info, and I’ll plug it in. You also have the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement during this time. After the third phone call, you’ll have a completed manuscript that is ready to be edited and published.

Complete your consultation here!

The Details…

The total investment for Call-to-Copy is $2,777 (or $930/mo for three months).

The only thing you need to get started is your commitment and your vision. After making your first payment, I’ll send you a welcome kit that includes further details on how to make the most out of this service, a link to schedule your first call, and a special gift mailboxed to you.

After your manuscript is completed, if you need further guidance in the publishing process, I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll send you step-by-step resources (editors, graphic designers, publishers, self-publishing process, etc.).


Free your story to illuminate your life, your love, your light, and your liberation.


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Deciding to do the call-to-copy was a great decision for me when deciding to write my book. Working with Trelani removed the overwhelming feeling of having to write on my own. It was her thought-provoking questions that allowed me to transition a myriad of unorganized thoughts to printed material. I am forever grateful for her expertise in helping writers capture their true voice.
Tina HinesLife Transformation Specialist
Thank you so much for pulling the depth of my story out of me and allowing your gifts and talents to be used to make others' dreams become reality. This was truly a powerful experience. I'm ready to start my second book!
Dr. Eric HolmesAuthor of The Power of the Seed
I had a lot on my plate, but still wanted to get my book finished. As a speaker, this service worked perfectly. The interviews felt more like conversations, so it was a breeze. The results were exactly what I wanted, and I'll definitely be taking advantage of this again soon. If you're considering it, do it! You'll be glad you did!
La’Ticia NicoleAuthor of #SpeakLife and Unsilenced