I linked up with social media friends

I met up with a few friends from social media during our trip, and one visit that I’ll never forget was with Shawn. For a little background context, me and the kids saved about $700 from February to July. We originally … Read More


What I learned about wanting and asking

From July 4th to July 20th, I road tripped across the south. The first seven cities were with my babies, traveling from Georgia-Louisiana-Mississippi-Alabama. The last nine days I spent with three of my students and various activist organizations around the … Read More

Trelani At One

My prayer this morning

Dear God, I feel like I asked for this, so I shouldn’t complain. I remember feeling unsatisfied and underutilized. It was driving my crazy. I prayed, damn near cried, to be paid a lot to do work that aligned with who … Read More


Four reasons you’re disconnected from your intuition

You start feeling like you’re alone out here. Not physically. There’s plenty of people around you, probably living with you too. You feel alone in your spirit. As if God, Source, the Universe just threw you the deuces and left … Read More


10 things I did to find the time and motivation to write my first book

When I wrote my first novel, I was a full-time college student, full-time 911 dispatcher, new wife, and mother of a three year old and a seven year old. And I wasn’t studying English or writing (that was undergrad). I … Read More