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I'm Trelani...

I’m a storyteller whose stories have been appeared in For Harriet, The Examiner, Radical Selfie, The Womb Sanctuary, Walking in the Feminine, and my five published book titles. I write to help women tap into their personal power + know they aren’t bound to others’ expectations or beliefs, and are free to define and redefine what their truth is.

I’m also a spiritual writing guide who teaches other life-loving, purposeful souls how to express themselves in books. I know how it

12079497_10153129521287548_5375653841960023668_nfeels to have a vision that scares and excites you at the same time. To chase it with little to no support in your corner. To wonder if you really have what it takes. Being willing to give it all you got in spite of having a thousand other things to do.

As a writing coach, that’s who I serve. My clients include life coaches, motivational speakers, publishers, independent consultants, educators, and more.


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"Man, you helped me out. Keep bringing the challenges. Your insights are fleshing the content out more. I’m so excited I could cry. You handled my baby very gently and well."
Apostle Sherman D. FarmerEditing Client
"Trelani sparks a flame of passion in you to finish what you start. I'm most thankful that she helped me understand that writing is not just technical, it's more than simply writing words. It's therapeutic..."
Andrea LamarCoaching Client
"I have a lot more days now where I feel like writing, way more than before. And I really appreciate Trelani and how she pushed me. I'm so glad that we met because it doesn't feel so difficult anymore."
Latasha HollimanCoaching Client
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I write.

I was the girl beneath the covers with a flashlight and a journal. The teenager who documented her tragedies as poetry. The college student who experimented with erotic short stories. Now, I embrace the power of personal writing as a rich resource for understanding and expressing myself in the world.

Time Out to Tune In3

Time Out to Tune In

She wants her readers to not only read her, but to hear and feel her through unfiltered, liberating, and spiritual storytelling.


What the Devil Meant for Bad

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Purple Petals

Purple Petals

Light a candle and find your favorite pen because this is your time


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Women Who Ain’t Afraid to Curse When Communicating With God

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